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Here you find the latest reviews of various Xbox games and online casino games.

About Our Scores

British Gaming Blog punctuates each review with a final verdict. While the full review lets us evaluate game mechanics, artistic values and storylines in full detail (with our own fiery rhetoric flair, no less), the verdict uses a four point scale to categorise games and finalise our thoughts. The same scale is used for both Xbox and online casinos and casino slot games.

Games can receive the verdict of Must Buy, Have a Try, Pass it By or Rather Die.

We review games that are both purchased by the editorial team and sent by publishers. If you’d like your company’s games to receive the British Gaming treatment, please get in touch.

Reviews for Xbox Games

Please get in touch if you have any more games or casinos you would recommend us to review.

Army of Two
Army of Two is an extremely fun and sophisticated shooter that thrives on its peerless execution of involving co-op manoeuvres.
Developer: EA Montreal
Publisher: Electronic Arts

Beijing 2008
A sufficient, but far from essential, addition to a party game pile this summer, but unsubstantial and rarely enjoyable alone.
Developer: Eurocom
Publisher: SEGA

To find a game that’s both stunningly beautiful and excellently crafted is a treat in a genre filled with copy-cat tagalongs and charmless shooting galleries.
Developer: 2K Boston and Australia
Publisher: 2K Games

Burnout Paradise
Burnout is an amazing racer as ever and the online component is incredible, but so many silly and thoughtless design choices make a huge part of the game aggravating and frustrating.
Developer: Criterion Games
Publisher: Electronic Arts

Once you start sailing from roof top to roof top, nailing stunts in your SUV and sending a rocket towards a gathering of henchmen, you won’t want to stop.
Developer: Real Time Worlds
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios

Grand Theft Auto IV
A huge step above its predecessors, GTA 4 impossibly breaks all barriers to trump and dwarf every other game.
Developer: Rockstar North
Publisher: Rockstar Games

Reviews for Online Casinos

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Reviews for Slot Games

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